[rabbitmq-discuss] Disappearing Durable Queues

Lothe Shashank Shashank.Lothe at techmahindra.com
Thu Oct 17 06:19:25 BST 2013

Thanks Emile for your support. I think this issue is due to a bug in the broker. I started two listeners with same queue properties from same ubuntu machine. Some observations of this behaviour is as follows.
1. After sometime one queue was disappeared and one was still there.
2. These two listeners were having separate connections.
3. Rabbitmq broker was not stopped in between so did not receive AMQP_STATUS_CONNECTION_CLOSED message.
4. I am still able to publish from the same connection for which queue was disappeared.
5. I am using 3.1.5 rabbitmq version at server and 0.3.0 version for rabbitmq C client.

Is there any bug reported for the same issue? Is there any fix/workaround for this issue? I am not able to make out much from broker logfile. Can you suggest any particular error we should be checking in this log file for disappearing queue. Will this error be logged without make trace on, as with trace on my message are delivered with substantial delay?

Thanks and regards,
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On 11/10/13 13:16, Lothe Shashank wrote:

> Unlike Rafe, My client queues are not durable but auto delete and I am
> not using clusters.

Do you see anything in the broker logfile? It should be possible to tell
from that whether the issue you are dealing with is related.

> Could this be client side issue or rabbitmq server/broker side issue?

Yes. A bug in the broker can cause queues to disappear or a
disconnecting client can cause exclusive queues to disappear.



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