[rabbitmq-discuss] Deleted Queues still showing in Management Plug-in

Simon MacMullen simon at rabbitmq.com
Wed Oct 16 16:44:37 BST 2013

There is a known bug in HA which will be fixed in the next release which 
can cause behaviour like this (queue unresponsive in management and 
invisible in rabbitmqctl). It is triggered when you have a mirrored 
queue, and the master dies, and then the slave which would have been 
promoted to master dies before promotion can complete.

Does that sound like the sort of thing that could have happened? One way 
to make that happen without killing nodes on a precise timer is to 
switch from one ha-mode=nodes policy to another with minimal overlap.

I'm afraid the only work around at the moment is to stop the whole 
cluster and start it again. And the node which management claims has the 
master for this broken queue will hang at shutdown and need to be killed :-(

Cheers, Simon

On 16/10/13 16:28, Ganann, Kale wrote:
> Hey all,
> One of my Devs was trying to delete a queue through the management
> plugin which got created on the wrong node, and asked me to help out.  I
> went in and tried via the plugin, and it just hung, so I went
> command-line on it and ran rabbitmqctl list_queues –p vhost.  When I do
> that, that queue doesn’t appear in the list.  Any ideas what might be
> going on, and how I might be able to reconcile the two?  We’re running
> RabbitMQ 3.1.5 on SUSE 12.04.
> Thanks!
> Kale
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