[rabbitmq-discuss] abnormally large memory use in "binaries"

Emile Joubert emile at rabbitmq.com
Wed Oct 16 12:11:15 BST 2013

Hi Brian,

On 15/10/13 16:34, Brian Hammond wrote:

> Sure, thing. I grabbed it at 10 minute intervals, but can do a finer
> granularity if needed.

Thanks for the detailed diagnostics. I don't see any reason for the
memory use in the reports. Could you try to run this command on the
broker while the condition is being observed and send back the reply?

rabbitmqctl eval 'lists:sublist(lists:reverse(lists:sort([{Sz, P,
process_info(P)} || {{binary, [{_, Sz, _}]}, P} <-
[{erlang:process_info(P, binary), P} || P <- erlang:processes()]])), 20).'


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