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xeon xeonmailinglist at gmail.com
Mon Oct 14 15:04:43 BST 2013

I launch bash commands with python, and I do this remote invocations 
sending remote messages to the rabbitmq. The messages get to the remote 
hosts, and the commands are launched, but I am waiting for the return of 
the invocation and it doesn't come back, althougt the remote python 
method returns the result of the launched bash command.

I am going to illustrate this:

client sends message to remote host to run "myprogram.sh"
def runList():
     print result

the remote host has this method and receive the message from the rabbitmq:
def executeCommand(command):
     result=run bash command.
     return result

Myprogram.sh takes 10 minutes to run, and sometimes the client gets the 
response, sometimes doesn't. I don't understand why sometimes it doesn't 
get the result.

Is it correct to return the result of the remote invocation with a 
simple "return result" in the remote method? Can I log the messages that 
rabbitmq handle?


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