[rabbitmq-discuss] abnormally large memory use in "binaries"

Emile Joubert emile at rabbitmq.com
Mon Oct 14 11:03:51 BST 2013

Hi Brian,

On 11/10/13 18:23, Brian Hammond wrote:
> It happened again today with just 500 messages in a queue where the
> average message size is 280B, which would be about 135k.

How did you determine the average message size? Is it possible that the
queue could contain a small number of extremely large messages that skew
the average?

> Doesn't rabbit track message memory usage separately in the "Message
> store index" ?
> The disparity from way under 1mb to 18gb of used space makes it seem
> unlikely message storage is at fault unless things are just not being
> cleaned up (such as a memory leak).

Does the memory use increase gradually or in large jumps?

> I take it from your response that this is not currently on the radar as
> a systemic problem.

I'm not aware of any bugs that could explain the problem you describe.
Could you supply the output of "rabbitmqctl report" while you observe
the reported condition?


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