[rabbitmq-discuss] Multi vhost access with static LDAP

MyOwnFitness myownfitness at gmail.com
Fri Oct 11 16:26:40 BST 2013

Hey Simon,

Currently we are running 3.1.3, havent upgraded to 3.1.5 yet.

You are correct about LDAP authentication. There is no attributes in LDAP, and that team is not willing to add them.

There is a naming convention where the users will have LDAP accounts like, TestUser1 and 2 and TestPub1 and 2. Is there a way to grant access to a certain vhost based on Naming convention? Also, on that same note could you have multiple vhost sections in the config? I figured out how to "match" for the tag_queries, but wasnt too sure on the multi-vhost.

Could you provide an example? 

Thanks for the help Simon!

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