[rabbitmq-discuss] Wrong number of messages_ready shown in queue when using message-ttl with federation.

Malte Hurrelmann huitrouge at googlemail.com
Thu Oct 10 14:51:46 BST 2013


we're using a two broker setup, connected by the federation-plugin to 
ensure the consumers have a broker to fail over to, if the primary broker 
should become unreachable.
Messages are published to an exchange in the master-broker with a 
message-ttl on them, so that they don't pile up endlessly on the main and 
backup broker.

I noticed in some rare cases the number of "messages_ready" in a queue as 
shown in management_plugin / REST-API / "rabbitmqctl list_queues" is not 
correct and increases to grow until I do a GET on that queue.
For example it shows 1000 messages and after I get 1 message of that queue 
next time it shows 500 messages remaining. After that the message-count is 
correct again.

I'm planning to do some monitoring on that info, so it would be nice to 
have reliable info on the number of message left in the queues.

Any ideas on how to fix this issue or where to get the correct amount of 
messages_ready elsewhere?

Best regards,
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