[rabbitmq-discuss] amqp connection vs channels vs sockets vs file descriptor

sagu prf sagu.prf1 at gmail.com
Thu Oct 10 05:55:15 BST 2013

Hello team ,

             i am bit confused with the following thing  , i can see
the number of sockets used is 44000 ,file descriptor used 44010  but
number of connections and channels are 110000 in less load (5 k
messages in queue)  messages rate ~100msgs /second (in ,del ,ack)

number of channels and connections are equal (in numbers) are established state.

Files descriptor also opened state ..

number of consumers connected to rabbitmq is less than 10K and we are
using 200 Queues in 8 vhosts .

Why number of sockets are utilized in high number (established state)
? why number of connections/channels are more than sockets ?

how we can reduce /close these connections ?

memory is around 5GB utilization only ..

rabbitmq logs i can see accepting connection and closing connection
and i don't see any issues .

can you pls suggest on this ?

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