[rabbitmq-discuss] CRL support

Balachandher Srinivasan sbchand at gmail.com
Mon Oct 7 16:27:48 BST 2013

Hello all,
> I am not sure whether "verify_fun" option in the rabbitmq.config file is 
supported/read as I couldn't see in the sources for rabbitmq-server.  The 
only closest option what I could witness is the following in 
rabbit_networking.erl (line numbers 154 till 160), where it reads the 
"verify" option defaulting to "verify_none".

    % unknown_ca errors are silently ignored prior to R14B unless we
    % supply this verify_fun - remove when at least R14B is required
    case proplists:get_value(verify, SslOptsConfig, verify_none) of
        verify_none -> SslOptsConfig;
        verify_peer -> [{verify_fun, fun([])    -> true;
                                        ([_|_]) -> false
                        | SslOptsConfig]

I did check the sources from https://github.com/rabbitmq/rabbitmq-server. 
 To me, it looks like we need to add functionality to read verify_fun 
option from the config file first.  Am I missing something?

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