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The requirement we have is a simple JMS topic with failover and persistency.. 
Where multiple client subscribe for the messages and when a new client is introduced NO changes in framework as  the Topic is already configured for failover and persistence ..the new client will just make a connection and start consuming ..

With RabbitMQ my understanding is we need to configure a new queue and mirror it and then ask the new client to consume the message ...??

Pl. check slide 3 and  4 in the attachment ... For new client do we need to configure a new mirrored queue ... All the queues should get all the messages from the exchange ...

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> But still we have to manage all the mirror configurations of all the separate queues per client .. and also when a new client is introduced we have to change our configuration to create a new queue and then mirror it etc ....right

What do you mean by a new client? Can you provide a more specific example of what your topology
looks like and what aspect of the system do you want to scale horizontally? Please be as specific
as you can.


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