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PATAR, SAGAR sp345s at att.com
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Thank you .. It much clear now ..
One basic question I have is ..we have lot of topics .... during configuration I noticed that we can select exchange as TOPIC .. does that mean it is a Topic and is eligible for mirroring ... In some of the previous posts you mentioned that exchange is kind of a routing table ..so bit confused with that ..

We have  multiple clients and will be subscribing to a topic ... not sure how we ne to configure so that these topics are mirrored 

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On oct 4, 2013, at 11:29 p.m., "PATAR, SAGAR" <sp345s at att.com> wrote:

> To increase the scalability on the mirrored queues .. I guess the suggestion was to have multiple master (queues) and have a load balancer right ..

Load balancer between nodes in one cluster, not multiple clusters.

> Let's say we have 4 nodes ...  
> 1) Cluster these 4 nodes and define an exchange (xyz) .. 
> 2) Define mirrored topic (abc) on node 1 and 2 and make node 1 as master and node 2 as slave
> 3) Define same mirrored topic  (abc) on node 3 and 4 and make node 3 as master and node 4 as slave 
> 4) define some non -mirrored queues( nbc)  in the cluster
> 5) from exchange(xyz) route some message to mirrored topics (abc) and some to non mirrored queues/topics (nbc)
> Does the above make scenes


To clarify: you need a proxy in front of cluster nodes to make it easier to
distributed queues between them. You clients just need to connect
to one endpoint and the proxy will take care of distributing connections.


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