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There is a bit of discussion about doing this sort of thing in rabbitmq-c.

See: https://github.com/alanxz/rabbitmq-c/issues/138 for details. At this
point supporting languages other than C/C++ is not a goal, though we don't
do anything to prevent user's from wrapping the library.

A note: encoding/decoding AMQP wireformat isn't that complicated, I'm
skeptical that farming out encoding/decoding to C would improve performance
in a big way over something well-designed in PHP (I could be wrong

A second note: even without thinking about a public API, there's a bit more
to an AMQP client than just the wireformat, there is the 'state machine' or
grammar of how a connection and channel operates. Not saying a
serializer/deserializer isn't useful, but its not something that is trivial
to turn into a complete client.


On Tue, Oct 1, 2013 at 11:17 AM, Michael Klishin <
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> 2013/10/1 Gavin M. Roy <gavinmroy at gmail.com>
> Similar to what I was trying to achieve in Python land with
>> github.com/gmr/pamqp -- I think it's an excellent idea.
> amq-protocol does the same for Ruby.
> Producing a C library that does the same is a good idea. Designing it to
> support
> all languages and popular OSes equally well is likely not be easy.
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