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Tia rabarijaonadomoina at gmail.com
Tue Oct 1 16:11:07 BST 2013


I get the following error in my RabbitMQ:
=ERROR REPORT==== 1-Oct-2013::15:35:01 ===
closing AMQP connection <0.27445.0> ([::1]:48042 -> [::1]:5672):

After googling, it seems that I have to recompile RabbitMQ with a higher 
handshake_timeout to avoid this error.

Is there any tip to improve the duration of the handshaking without 
recompiling RabbitMQ, with any configuration ?
I send messages in a queue via a Php application, then I consume the 
messages with a Java application which inserts data in a PostgreSQL and 
MongoDB databases.

My server is a Debian 7, 8Gb of RAM.
RabbitMQ version 3.1.5-1.
On my server, I have an instance of Apache, PostgreSQL, mySQL and MongoDB.



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