[rabbitmq-discuss] configure external data store(like database) for message durability in rabbitmq

PATAR, SAGAR sp345s at att.com
Tue Oct 1 15:37:58 BST 2013

Thanks Michael ..

Looks like mirrored queues will work for us ..
I was wondering if the rabbitmq-java-client--3.1.5 has the capability to seamlessly connect to the cluster in case of failovers to Slaves or masters ?? or do we have to wrap the reconnect logic ..

For multiple hosts and port .. can we use the below amqp URL ...


ConnectionFactory factory = new ConnectionFactory();
 Connection conn = factory.newConnection();
 Channel channel = conn.createChannel().,.

Also appreciate if we can get some links to java client tutorial connecting to clustered env  , Also the spring integration ...

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> My assumption is when we have a file store for message durability and if one of the node goes down in the cluster the messages not been consumed yet must have been stored in that node file system and will stay till the node is back up ... those message will not be accessible by other active nodes in the cluster because the file store for that node is not accessible to other nodes....and the messages will be delayed ...
> I am not sure how this scenario is handled ...seems to be a common problem

Using mirrored queues or asynchronous replication (using Shovel or Federation plugins).




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