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Thu Mar 14 15:04:54 GMT 2013

1. RabbitMQ does not work efficiently when queue starts to grow:

   "Rabbit makes a lot of trade-offs that focus on flexible messaging
topologies and reliable delivery, all of which can work against raw
throughput, and especially the ability to act as an infinite buffer."
   and the initial workaround with:
   "Producer -> RabbitMQ -> Buffer Module -> RabbitMQ -> Consumer "

2. RabbitMQ has correct queue implementation
    "It shouldn't be necessary to introduce another buffer, because that is
what queues do."

Taking into account that correct queue implementation should be of O(1) time
complexity should the issues with RabbitMQ performance when queues grow
treated as a bug that will be fixed or as a "feature" that is not going to
be addressed because Rabbit focuses on efficient message routing and not
efficient queuing?


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