[rabbitmq-discuss] Can load-balancer work around consumer reconnect problem?

Jianhui Zhang jhzhang.email at gmail.com
Thu Mar 28 07:38:00 GMT 2013


I'm new to Rabbit, just want to confirm if my understanding of
mirror-queues is correct.

Here is the scenario:

- I set up a mirrored queue, on Node1 (master) and Node2 (slave),
- have a load-balancer LB in front of both, roundrobin
- have my consumer app establish a TCP connection to the LB, which forwards
the consumer subscription requests randomly to either Node1 or Node2
- under no failure condition, the master Node1 will send messages to all my
- if master fails, the slave Node2 will be promoted to the new master and
start sending the remaining messages to my consumers.
- since the consumer TCP connection is to the LB, the consumer wouldn't
notice anything (and don't need to reconnect), except for the "normal"
out-of-sync and message loss considerations.

Would this work?

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