[rabbitmq-discuss] Feedback On Logging Frameworks Please! (was lager vs sasl error log)

Tim Watson tim at rabbitmq.com
Wed Mar 27 16:46:57 GMT 2013

Hello all!

I recently notified the mailing list that I've created a plugin providing a way to integrate the lager logging framework into RabbitMQ as a plugin: https://github.com/hyperthunk/rabbitmq-lager.

If you're interested in seeing improvements to rabbit's logging then please give this a try and give us some feedback. In particular, we'd like to know whether the approach I've taken (i.e., using lager's error_logger redirection) provides *enough* functionality for our users and/or what additional features you'd like to see. Getting decent feedback is a prerequisite to getting these changes integrated into rabbit in a permanent and supported manner, so please don't be shy!

If you're cc'ed on this email then you've piped up about logging recently/before on this list, and therefore I've kindly singled you out as a potential victim, erm... wait no... volunteer! That's right! ;)

So, feedback on a postcard please folks! We'd like to get this 'just right' so everyone has *nice* things to say about our gorgeous log files and configurable backends and whatnot.


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