[rabbitmq-discuss] How to implement consumer's sequential work correctly?

Karlen Kishmiryan kishmiryankarlen at gmail.com
Tue Mar 26 16:20:04 GMT 2013

Here are three steps I want to do:

   1. pull some file names and pass them to the downloader (first consumer)
   2. AFTER downloading each file pass them to the extracter (second 
   3. AFTER extracting pass them to the Inserter (third consumer) to push 
   the data into DB

Now I would like to know how I will manage these "AFTER"s. 
As I understand there are two solutions:

   1. each consumer must send the message to the producer back about 
   success or failure of the task. If it's done successfully, then producer 
   must send to the next consumer.
   2. each consumer must put the message to the next consumer's queue when 
   it's done

Actually I don't know how to realize both of them.
Please, help me to solve this problem. If any of my solutions is right, 
please tell me how to implement it. Or please explain me the right solution 
in this situation.

Thank you.
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