[rabbitmq-discuss] Optimizing Tips for beginner rabbitMQ user

Gabriel Villa extofer at gmail.com
Mon Mar 25 23:33:18 GMT 2013

Here is my setup: I've implemented rabbitMQ on a centOS environment  I have 
one tomcat application publishing messages at an average of 30 msg/s. The 
consumer apps are in 3 different servers running the same process, each 
consuming at an average of 2~3 msg/s. I've tried optimizing our process on 
the consumer applications as much as possible, now I want to look at the 
queue and try to get more than 2~3 msg/s. 

Here are some questions, and perhaps someone can assist me with suggestions:

I use the same user authentications on all 3 consumers.... will having 
different users help bump the message rate?

I've tried using more channels, but all in all, it doesn't change a thing, 
it still gets 1 or 25 messages depending on channels, but the message rate 
is the same. 

What are some common optimization tips for faster performance?

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