[rabbitmq-discuss] Why the rates of deliver/ack has problem in RabbitMQ management?

Tim Watson tim at rabbitmq.com
Thu Mar 21 13:23:04 GMT 2013


On 20 Mar 2013, at 08:09, Chen ZHONG wrote:
> This queue has a incoming rate of 4.0/s. It has a deliver rate of 4.0/s in fact. But it only show 0.63/s here.

What makes you think the delivery rate is 4.0/s? I can't see anything to indicate that's the case in the image you've provided?

> Then, all the consumers which connected to hdl0002's node has no rate now. The consumers which connected to hdl0001's node is still OK.

The current version of the management plugin doesn't compensate for channels going away, or provide historical/time-series data for exchange/queues stats. However, a shiny new release of the management plugin has been developed which does deal with those things. It will probably be available in a release pretty soon and will be available in tonight's nightly build (so you can pick it up tomorrow morning GMT if you want to take a look).


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