[rabbitmq-discuss] lager vs sasl error log

Gotthard, Petr Petr.Gotthard at Honeywell.com
Tue Mar 19 08:48:59 GMT 2013

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't think that moving to lager requires any changes inside rabbitmq. Since rabbitmq (as far as I know) uses standard Erlang's logging and since standard logs are redirected to lager, all rabbitmq related logs are processed by lager. Wihout many filtering possibilities though.


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Any plans to move rabbitmq.log to lager (and allow for lager-syslog) while keeping rabbit-sasl.log for crash dumps?

Would be nice to be able to get the plugable loggers and improvements to logging performance lager purports to provide, as well as a more modern, *NIXy logging output.


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