[rabbitmq-discuss] pika 0.9.10 Released

Gavin M. Roy gmr at meetme.com
Sun Mar 17 04:57:29 GMT 2013

Pika 0.9.10 is a bugfix release addressing multiple issues including a
issue with BlockingConnection causing heavy CPU usage in Linux
environments. All pika users are urged to upgrade to 0.9.10.

Special thanks to Jan Urbański, Richard Boulton, cellscape, patcpsc, Mik
Kocikowski, and Nathan Lundquist for their multiple contributions.

The documentation has been updated with a few more examples and edits for
clarification and can found at *http://pika.readthedocs.org/*


   - Fix timeout in twisted adapter (Submitted by cellscape)
   - Fix blocking_connection poll timer resolution to milliseconds
   (Submitted by cellscape)
   - Fix channel._on_close() without a method frame (Submitted by Richard
   - Addressed exception on close (Issue #279 - fix by patcpsc)
   - 'messages' not initialized in BlockingConnection.cancel() (Issue #289
   - fix by Mik Kocikowski)
   - Make queue_unbind behave like queue_bind (Issue #277)
   - Address closing behavioral issues for connections and channels (Issue
   #275, patches by )
   - Pass a Method frame to Channel._on_close in Connection._on_disconnect
   (Submitted by Jan Urbański)
   - Fix channel closed callback signature in the Twisted adapter
   (Submitted by Jan Urbański)
   - Don't stop the IOLoop on connection close for in the Twisted adapter
   (Submitted by Jan Urbański)
   - Update the asynchronous examples to fix reconnecting and have it work
   - Warn if the socket was closed such as if RabbitMQ dies without a Close
   - Fix URLParameters ssl_options (Issue #296)
   - Add state to BlockingConnection addressing (Issue #301)
   - Encode unicode body content prior to publishing (Issue #282)
   - Fix an issue with unicode keys in BasicProperties headers key (Issue
   - Change how timeout ids are generated (Issue #254)
   - Address post close state issues in Channel (Issue #302)

*Behavior changes*

   - Change core connection communication behavior to prefer outbound
   writes over reads, addressing a recursion issue
   - Update connection on close callbacks, changing callback method
   - Update channel on close callbacks, changing callback method signature
   - Give more info in the ChannelClosed exception
   - Change the constructor signature for BlockingConnection, block
   open/close callbacks
   - Disable the use of add_on_open_callback/add_on_close_callback methods
   in BlockingConnection

If you happen across any bugs, please report them at https://github.com/pika


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