[rabbitmq-discuss] node-amqp: { [Error: COMMAND_INVALID - second 'channel.open' seen] code: 503 }

Chris stuff at moesel.net
Thu Mar 14 12:53:31 GMT 2013

When starting our node.js application, sometimes we see the following error
one or more times:

{ [Error: COMMAND_INVALID - second 'channel.open' seen] code: 503 }

First, the non-node-specific question:  Does anyone have any pointers on
how to debug such an issue?  I've already looked at logs and found which
channel is the problem-- but if I comment out the code that creates that
channel, then it just fails on a different channel the next time (btw-- you
don't explicitly create channels in node-amqp, they are created for you
when you subscribe to queues, declare exchanges, etc.).

And the more node-specific question:  RabbitMQ docs seem to indicate it is
usually an error in the client (node-amqp in our case), but I wonder if
perhaps we are making some newbie node-amqp mistake that might lead to this
503 error?  Is there anyone with node-amqp experience that has been through
this before?

We've had a couple of people working on this bug full time for several
days, but we still haven't figured it out.  I've posted a question on the
node-amqp github page too, but so far have no responses.  Any help is VERY

RabbitMQ 3.0.1, node-amqp 0.16, node 0.8.11

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