[rabbitmq-discuss] High-availability: Unsynchronised mirrors questions (3.0.2)

Alexis Van Der Merwe demius at gmail.com
Wed Mar 13 10:53:04 GMT 2013

Hi there,

I'm testing out the HA features using server version 3.0.2 and it seems to 
fulfill my requirements.
There's one thing I don't really understand, and I was hoping someone would 
be able to enlighten me.

I have a two (2) node HA cluster, for convenience, let's call them *

   1. I publish 100k messages to NODE-MASTER, and they are replicated to *
   2. I take down *NODE-MASTER* using *rabbitmqctl*.
   3. NODE-SLAVE is promoted to master and retains the messages it 
   previously received.
   4. Bring *NODE-MASTER* back up and into the cluster

This all works as I expect it to, but after the former master node rejoins 
the cluster, 
I see a message in the web-management console saying that one of the nodes 
is unsynchronised (see screenshot).

Why does this occur, and more importantly, what does it mean in this 




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