[rabbitmq-discuss] custom installation directory.

Андрей Середенко andrei.seredenko at gmail.com
Tue Mar 12 17:22:40 GMT 2013

Hello, guys!

Can anyone help me: in our production was installed old version of RMQ -
2.1.0. A long time ago we've build it from sources in custom dir, for ex.
I want to introduce a new version of RabbitMQ such as 3.0.3, but i have no
any ideas how to do this: rpm package doesn't support "prefix" option;
build from src  with "make prefix=/.. install" i just can't too - i've got


Please set TARGET_DIR.
Please set SBIN_DIR.
Please set MAN_DIR.
make: *** [install_dirs] Error 1

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