[rabbitmq-discuss] Keeping idle connections alive in EC2

Emile Joubert emile at rabbitmq.com
Fri Mar 8 09:56:12 GMT 2013


On 07/03/13 22:59, Nishanth wrote:

> While they process the message, rabbitmq drops their connection silently
> as it considers them to have been idle for a long time.

The broker will not drop connections silently. The culprit is more
likely a firewall and enabling heartbeats is the correct way to solve
the problem.

> I tried to set up heartbeat interval in worker connections but it didn't
> resolve the issue. It keeps timing out. I am not able to understand how
> this heartbeat work or how to debug to find out why its timing out. 

You can check that the heartbeat is indeed recognised in the broker by
issuing "rabbitmqctl list_connections timeout".

If the heartbeat is set too long then connections may of course still be
dropped, e.g. if an intervening firewall has a 10 minute timeout and the
AMQP heartbeats are exchanged every 15 minutes then connections will
still be dropped.


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