[rabbitmq-discuss] Running RPC across two separate Virtual Machines?

Eric Sender sender.eric at gmail.com
Fri Mar 8 07:24:26 GMT 2013

I have been going through the RabbitMQ tutorial step by step and making 
sure I can do all the basics. Rabbit seems very interesting and promising, 
but I am having some issues getting RabbitMQ to talk to other machines.

My current set up is:

Host OS: Windows 7 --- not relevant here, I am only running RabbitMQ on the 
Guest OS's
Guest OS 1 (VMWare Player): CentOS 6.3
Guest OS 2 (VirtualBox): CentOS 6.3

I have RabbitMQ service working on both Guest OS's and I have Guest OS 1 
running rpc_server.py and Guest OS 2 running rpc_client.py. 

But I am unsure how to get those separate VMs talking to each other with 
the rpc_server.py.

I have tried editing the following line in rpc_client.py

Line 7: self.connection = 
pika.BlockingConnection(pika.ConnectionParameters(host='')) #changed 
from 'localhost'

So that it reflects the IP address of the server VM, but it I get 
"socket.error: [Errno 113] No route to host"

How should I set it up properly to have RabbitMQ talking to separate VMs?

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