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Gilles Danycan gdanycan at slip-software.com
Tue Mar 5 15:32:19 GMT 2013

Hi Simon, 

sorry to answering late, 
yes, it's a very strange thing, i have to admit that i'm lost.. 

it`s happen only with this queue... a network issue could be the source of the problem? may be due to the high volume of data ? 
the problem occur also without having the connection in state: flow. (the pid of the script is in state running) and we have nothing in logs.. 

the last time (friday), i restarted the rabbitmq server (i restarted the server because its was not possible to stop the rabbitmq process..) and it back working. 
i use an older library for php: amqp-0.2.2 , may be something in relation with? 

about the script, i have to clean it before ;) 

Gilles Danycan 

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The flow control should only be restricting the rate at which you can 
publish into a queue to the rate at which the queue can accept messages 
- in other words it should only ever slow publishing down, and not by 
too much. 

If you have seen it block publishing altogether that would be a serious 
bug. Can you post your script somewhere? 

Cheers, Simon 

On 07/02/13 12:35, Gilles Danycan wrote: 
> Hi All, 
> I have a serious problem to consume and requeue messages on a specific 
> queue. i think the flow control is blocking connection... 
> I'm using RabbitMQ 3.0.2, Erlang R15B03 on a debian server : 64go ram , 
> 8 cpu. 
> i have a script (named consumer) consuming and requeue messages on a 
> queue named "mainQueue" (actually 900 000 messages into this queue) and 
> another one publishing messages on the same queue (arround 200mess/s). 
> each message is arroung 15kbytes and deliverymode =2 and durable. 
> usually the script consumer is able to get and requeue messages at 
> 1000mess/s, sometimes the same script is in hold, it doesn't consumer 
> messages.., i see in connections that the connection is in state : flow 
> i found documentation about flow control but i would like more advices 
> about how to determine the flow control specificaly with my 
> configuration and how to change the threshold. 
> i send you below more details about the rabbitmq server status.. 
> Connections: *328* 
> Channels: *328* 
> Exchanges: *120* 
> Queues: *111* 
> Consumers: *0 
> * 
> File descriptors (?) Socket descriptors (?) Erlang processes Memory 
> Disk space Uptime Type 
> 527 
> _1048576 available 
> 330 
> _943626 available 
> 2937 
> _1048576 available 
> 2.7GB 
> _25.2GB high watermark 
> 1.7TB 
> _953.7MB low watermark 
> 2h 32m Disc Stats * 
> Thanks for your help, 
> Regards, 
> *Gilles* 
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