[rabbitmq-discuss] [ANN] AMQP for LuaJIT

David Goehrig dave at nexttolast.com
Mon Mar 4 06:18:48 GMT 2013

Lua Programmers & RabbitMQ Users,

I'm pleased to announce RabbitMQ bindings for LuaJIT.   AMQP provides a
wonderful opportunity for building cross-language distributed applications
that interoperate well.  RabbitMQ provides enterprise grade (well we use it
in our enterprise :) message queuing.  LuaJIT brings the speed of compiled
code and the easiest programming environment around.  I'd pretty much
describe that as pure win...

If you'd like to checkout the code it is available from Github:


I'll warn you that while it contains an almost complete binding for
librabbitmq-c, it still has a lot of rough edges, and I'm working on a more
user friendly Lua interface to avoid a lot of the type conversion
headaches.  There is also currently ample opportunity to create memory
leaks (unless you take on librabbitmq memory pool management yourself), so
please do not put this into production as of yet.

If you care to know more about my plans for it I'll be writing more on my
blog here:


Other than that, the code is licensed under a BSD license, and patches

PS. I'm aware the packaging is not yet useful to anyone, once it reaches
closer to a 1.0 release I'll fix that.

Dave Goehrig
dave at dloh.org

-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- http://blog.dloh.org/
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