[rabbitmq-discuss] RabbitMQ's Mirroring results in weird behavior when slave goes down

thomas taihock at gmail.com
Wed Jun 26 06:24:26 BST 2013

Hi Tim, 

Thanks for the reply. I am using rabbitmq 3.1.1 with autoheal for

My test is just to find out the behavior of rabbitmq master should its slave
goes down. For my case, initially I will have rabbit at A, rabbit at B and
rabbit at C running. Then I will send out messages from client to rabbit at A
which is the master throughout the test. Soon after the client started to
send out messages, I will bring down a slave which in my case is rabbit at B by
closing its network connection.

I have changed the net_ticktime to 60 and carry out the same test using the
same code but this time round i increases the number of messages to 500,000
so as to better observe the behavior of sending messages for more than a

My observation is still similar to that of my previous test where
net_ticktime is 2.
Approximately 10 seconds after I shut down the network connection of
rabbit at B, the sending of messages to rabbit at A comes to a pause for close to
a minute and then continues as per normal.

Trying the same test but with no mirroring does not have any disruption.

By the way, I have try out the same test for rabbitmq mirroring except that
there will be a delay of 10ms between sending every message and there was no

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