[rabbitmq-discuss] RabbitMQ reliance on Java Virtual Machine

Brendan Fry bfry at fryhard.com
Mon Jun 24 06:41:34 BST 2013


With the help of the guys at MassTransit Project<http://masstransit-project.com/>we have created a system that leverages the power of RabbitMQ to create an 
ESB in our staging environment. We are now in the processes of final 
testing and have hit a small snag.

One of the key decision makers in the company is worried about deploying 
RabbitMQ onto our production servers due to its reliance on Erlang and 
possible reliance on Java. (we are a predominantly Microsoft house).

So my questions are twofold.

   - Does RabbitMQ rely on Java? 
      - With VMWare's purchase 
      RabbitMQ are there future plans to only ship a vFabric 
      version of RabbitMQ that would require Java or are the plans to remain Java 
      free for the forseable future?
   - What security risks (if any) are there when running Erlang and 
   RabbitMQ on a Windows server

Thanks in advance for the help.

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