[rabbitmq-discuss] RabbitMQ Plugin for New Relic Now Available

Stacey Schneider sschneider at gopivotal.com
Wed Jun 19 21:17:33 BST 2013

A RabbitMQ plugin for New Relic, the SaaS-based monitoring and management platform, has been open sourced to the RabbitMQ Community today. 

Using New Relic and the RabbitMQ management plugin, RabbitMQ users will be able to see the traces and transactions for RabbitMQ message servers right alongside other app servers, databases, caches, networking, clouds services, and other elements of your architecture. Troubleshooting any component that produces or consumes RabbitMQ messages (via AMQP or otherwise) is going to get faster and easier with this plugin. - See more at: http://blog.gopivotal.com/news-2/pivotal-contributes-open-source-plugins-for-new-relics-pluggable-monitoring-and-management-platform-rabbitmq-and-web-server#sthash.JWxA5Nvb.dpuf

This was part of a much bigger announcement with New Relic, releasing a new pluggable platform that over 45 of the most popular web technologies were added to their library of supported plugins. Other notable plugins include those from Amazon Web Services, MySQL, Hadoop and Pivotal's distribution of Apache HTTP Server, called Web Server.

For more on this release see: http://ow.ly/mbRsP  

Stacey Schneider

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