[rabbitmq-discuss] cluster memory alarm blocks producer too long

Xuehua Hou houxuehua49 at gmail.com
Wed Jun 19 06:16:41 BST 2013

I'm testing rabbitmq cluster.
The problem same as 
still exists.
I can reproduce the issue.

I runned rabbitmq-server-3.1.1 on two centos6 machines, the erlang version 
is R16B.
The two machines are 4 core and 8G ram.
I used mirrored durable queue for HA.
Two nodes are disc.

Reproduce step: 
1.start four producers  and publish a lot of messages(more than 1000000).
2.start four consumers 
Producers and consumers running more than one hour, memory alarm will go 
The master memory slow down quickly,
But the slave node stay in memory alarm state too long(more than 10 min).

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