[rabbitmq-discuss] RabbitMQ service is not starting

John Zaborowski johnzaborow at gmail.com
Mon Jun 17 15:31:34 BST 2013

I did a full thorough uninstall with Revo clean up everything rebooted then 
reinstalled and everything worked. So probably had an initial bad install 
with some hidden file or something that was causing all sorts of grief. 

On Friday, June 14, 2013 12:33:20 PM UTC-4, John Zaborowski wrote:
> I cannot enable the management plug ins. which lead me down this rabbit 
> hole to discover that the service crashes upon booting up. 
> From what I can tell this is the cause...  
> =INFO REPORT==== 14-Jun-2013::11:18:01 ===
> Error description:
>    {error,
>        {cannot_read_enabled_plugins_file,
>  "C:/Users/john.z/AppData/Roaming/RabbitMQ/enabled_plugins",eisdir}}
> Log files (may contain more information):
>    C:/Users/john.z/AppData/Roaming/RabbitMQ/log/rabbit at DEVLAP3.log
>    C:/Users/john.z/AppData/Roaming/RabbitMQ/log/rabbit at DEVLAP3-sasl.log
> Stack trace:
>    [{rabbit_plugins,read_enabled,1,[]},
>     {rabbit_plugins,prepare_plugins,3,[]},
>     {rabbit,'-boot/0-fun-1-',0,[]},
>     {rabbit,start_it,1,[]},
>     {init,start_it,1,[{file,"init.erl"},{line,1054}]},
>     {init,start_em,1,[{file,"init.erl"},{line,1034}]}]
> My enable_plugins folder is empty and there is nothing there to load which 
> I believe is the reason. I have uninstalled and re-installed the 
> application but I am getting the same problem. I don't know what to do 
> about this so I am asking for some assistance in getting this to start up. 
> We are attempting to utilize this tool to push messages across a couple 
> different servers of ours and I am trying to set this up for testing, but 
> unable to get anywhere and having a have time winding anything. 
> I am using Win 7 64bit. 
> Thanks in advance! 
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