[rabbitmq-discuss] unable to connect to RabbitMQ thru public IP address

Joe Guzzardo joeguzzardo at gmail.com
Wed Jun 12 15:34:39 BST 2013

I installed RabbitMQ on my Windows 7 system and it runs fine. I have a Java 
RabbitMQ client running on the same server that also works fine when I 
connect to my RabbitMQ server using my local IP address, I 
have a static IP assigned to me by my ISP and all ports are opened, they 
tell me. If I do a telnet to 5672, I can see that my RabbitMQ 
is listening there but if I telnet using my static public IP address and 
port 5672, I get a message back from Telnet stating "Could not open 
connection to the host, on port 5672: Connect failed.  Any idea what I'm 
missing? TIA, Joe
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