[rabbitmq-discuss] "Zombie" RabbitMQ Processes

Chris stuff at moesel.net
Mon Jun 10 19:49:46 BST 2013

Hi All,

I've received a few reports that when RabbitMQ 3.1.1 is first installed on
our RedHat servers (along with some of our other software and scripts),
sometimes it is unresponsive and you cannot restart  the process via the
service script.

The only way out seems to be something like "killall -u rabbitmq -9"
followed by "service rabbitmq start".

I don't see anything terribly distressing in the RabbitMQ logs, although I
do see lots of instances of:

=INFO REPORT==== 10-Jun-2013::21:21:02 ===
> accepting AMQP connection <0.30685.4> ( ->
> =WARNING REPORT==== 10-Jun-2013::21:21:02 ===
> closing AMQP connection <0.30685.4> ( ->
> connection_closed_abruptly

A few questions for you:

(1) Is there any way we can troubleshoot this further than just looking at
the logs in /var/log/rabbitmq?

(2) Should we be concerned about the connection_closed_abruptly warnings?
 Currenlty we connect to RabbitMQ using node-amqp and the Java client.  I *
think* we usually should be closing the connection on exit.

(3)  Can anyone suggest how we might be getting into this state?  Might it
be possible if we started RabbitMQ in a script and somehow killed it or
restarted it before it was finished initializing (just guessing here)?  So
far I cannot reproduce it, but we've had several reports of it.

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