[rabbitmq-discuss] Consumer Cancellation Notifications with .NET client

Andy Ochsner Andrew.Ochsner at csgi.com
Thu Jun 6 20:56:43 BST 2013

Was discussing with hyperthunk on IRC and agreed to move it to the mailing list:

So we wrote a consumer in .NET using the provided client and are consuming off of a mirrored queue.  According to http://www.rabbitmq.com/ha.html we should be responding to Consumer Cancellation Notifications, but I'm not finding much on the site or net in general as to how to actually hook into that using the .NET client.  I thought that using the Unregistered event off of EventingBasicConsumer would do it (HandleBasicCancelOk) but according to hyperthunk that we need something else for the consumer side.  I can confirm that it does connect with the correct properties indicating it supports consumer_cancel_notify.

Do I ultimately just need to subclass and override HandleBasicCancel or OnCancel()?


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