[rabbitmq-discuss] Durable + Exclusive queue disappeared

Asko Soukka asko.soukka at iki.fi
Thu Jun 6 12:02:56 BST 2013


I just like to mention that we faced a similar situation today (with 
RabbitMQ 2.8.4 and Erlang R14B04).

We have a standalone RabbitMQ installation (no cluster) on RHEL5. Due to a 
some other problems, the server was forced to restart, and after the 
restart one of the durable queues (not exclusive) has been similarly 
missing and queue.declare is denied with not_found error:

connection <0.3.20>, channel 1 - error:
{amqp_error,not_found,"no queue '...' in vhost '/..'",

It looks like the queue is listed in rabbit_durable_queue.DCD, but I don't 
have enough erlang skills to confirm that. Can something be done with 
"rabbitmqctl eval" to confirm or fix this kind of "shadow" queue?

Best Regards,

keskiviikko, 3. huhtikuuta 2013 1.32.28 UTC+3 Jonathan Schwietert kirjoitti:
> Hi, I have a queue which was declared with BOTH durable and exclusive (on 
> accident) whose owner disconnected then reconnected and now receives: 
> "NOT_FOUND - no queue 'test.queue' in vhost '/test.vhost'". This queue is 
> no longer visible in any administrative application: web management, 
> rabbitmqadmin, or even rabbitmqctl (for list_queues).
> I believe it may still exist in the mnesia DB and thus is causing 
> subsequent queue.declare calls to fail as it had been declared exclusive. 
> This happens in the management plugin as well. I've also installed the 
> rabbitmqadmin and tried to delete the queue to which it replies: "*** Not 
> found: /queues/%2Ftest.vhost/test.queue" I cat'ed out the durable queue 
> mnesia file: "cat 
> /var/lib/rabbitmq/mnesia/rabbit\@test-broker/rabbit_durable_queue.DCD | 
> grep test.queue" and received "Binary file (standard input) matches"
> Unfortunately i'm unfamiliar with mnesia and unable to simply delete the 
> entry. Any suggestions? Would backing up the configuration; then calling 
> stop_app, then reset, then start_app; then reloading the configuration fix 
> it?
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