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Earlier today I asked this question:
When binding a queue, what really happens? is the binding information being
forward via the
server to the exchange, where it is entered to a binding list? or is the
information saved at the
server and the exchange has to inquire the server whenever it gets a
message from the producer?

and was answered (by Emile Joubert):
"Exchanges don't really exist as independent entities in the broker. The
bindings are stored in an internal database. This database is queried
each time a message is received."

So, f I understand correctly, then everytime the publisher sends a message
to the exchange, the exchange has to inquire the database in order to see
which queues (if any) are waiting to recieve the message.
If that is the case, then we're not really saving network transportation,
each message that the publisher produces will result in contacting the
server, even if there are no subscribers to this publisher.
Is that so?

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