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François Beausoleil francois at teksol.info
Sat Jul 27 14:11:44 BST 2013


You are confusing Nagios and RabbitMQ, perhaps? RabbitMQ is a message queue server. It is used to transport data between applications across processes. Nagios is a tool to monitor machines and services. RabbitMQ can't "check" anything by itself. You can use Nagios to monitor a single instance of RabbitMQ, or a cluster of RabbitMQ instances.

Hope that helps,
François Beausoleil

Le 2013-07-26 à 18:55, Zahra Al-Siyabi a écrit :

> Dear Sir/Madam
> I have some question around using of rabbit mq to check services status
> 1.       How maximum number of (hosts + services) rabbitmq can monitor? And why?
> 2.       If rabbitmq can check big number of host and services, the nagios performance will be affected or not?

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