[rabbitmq-discuss] Trouble with confirms

Tom Anderson tom.anderson at timgroup.com
Fri Jul 26 18:29:29 BST 2013


If i enable confirms [1], then:

"The broker will confirm messages once:

* it decides a message will not be routed to queues (if the mandatory 
flag is set then the basic.return is sent first) or
* a transient message has reached all its queues (and mirrors) or
* a persistent message has reached all its queues (and mirrors) and been 
persisted to disk (and fsynced) or
* a persistent message has been consumed (and if necessary acknowledged) 
from all its queues"

So, if i send a persistent message (delivery mode = 2) to a non-durable 
exchange which routes to a non-durable queue, then i will only get a 
confirmation once the message has been consumed from that queue, right? 
And if my consumer is not set to auto-acknowledge, then i will only get 
a confirmation once the consumer has acknowledged the message, right?

This does not seem to be happening for me. I get a confirmation 12 
milliseconds after sending the message, but i know the acknowledgement 
isn't being sent for another whole second. I can't tell if the 
confirmation is being sent when the broker receives the message, gives 
it to an exchange, puts it in a queue, or delivers it to a consumer, 
since all those things happen in very rapid succession.

Any ideas as to what i should look into?

I'm using the Java API, if that matters.


[1] http://www.rabbitmq.com/confirms.html


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