[rabbitmq-discuss] change exchange to durable

Emile Joubert emile at rabbitmq.com
Fri Jul 26 11:00:11 BST 2013


On 26/07/13 09:58, slahy wrote:

> I am trying to change an exchange from transient to durable. I delete the
> exchange through the web interface. I have attepmted this several times and
> when I recreate the exchchange and attempt to send a message i  get the
> following response 
> Publish-RabbitMessage : The AMQP operation was interrupted: AMQP 
> close-reason, initiated by Peer, code=406, text="PRECONDITION_FAILED
> - cannot redeclare excha nge 'exch01' in vhost '/' with different
> type, durable, internal or autodelete va lue", classId=40,
> methodId=10, cause=

That library associates with each connector an exchange that gets
redeclared with default parameters (non-durable) each time a channel is
opened. It doesn't look like PoshRabbit.RabbitConnector supports durable
exchanges in the way you want.

You could ask the author to add the feature, try to add it yourself (if
the license permits) or use a different library.


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