[rabbitmq-discuss] Modify the rabbitmq management URL

Anton Sizov a.sysoff at gmail.com
Tue Jul 23 08:31:16 BST 2013

You can use NGINX rewrite rules. For example
Redirect* http://localhost:55672/testNeha *to *http://localhost:55673/<http://localhost:55672/>
Redirect* http://localhost:55672/testNeha2 <http://localhost:55672/testNeha>
 *to *http://localhost:55674/ <http://localhost:55672/>*

Be aware, that port numbers different.

Please, give more info about your problem to offer you more appropriate 
solution. Is it necessary to access several rmq management panels on single 
port? If yes, this is appropriate solution. If not, you are welcome.
*On Thursday, July 4, 2013 9:18:58 AM UTC+3, kira... at gmail.com wrote:
> How can i change the rabbitmq management url from *http://localhost:55672/
> * to *http://localhost:55672/testNeha* in windows and linux platform?? 
> Please help......
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