[rabbitmq-discuss] Reconnecting to the Web-Stomp plugin after a network disconnection.

joshua__lim at hotmail.com joshua__lim at hotmail.com
Sat Jul 20 18:31:03 BST 2013

Using references on http://jmesnil.net/stomp-websocket/doc/ and 
http://www.rabbitmq.com/web-stomp.html, I managed to come out with my own 
Web-Stomp js code that can connect and receive messages.  However, I'm 
unable to reconnect in the event the connection to Web-Stomp server breaks.

What I did is on on_connect_error, I did a client.disconnect, followed by a 
client.connect.  The disconnect works but the connect fails.  

Since I'm not able to find any code example that deals with reconnecting, I 
took a look at sockjs groups but it appears to me that the code used for 
sockjs is different from that of web-stomp plugin examples.

Here's the full js code: Here is my full code: http://pastebin.com/dtEBnzGP

   1. function on_connect_error(error) {
   2.   $('#output').append('Connection failed! Error:'+ error + "<br>");
   3.     $('#output').append('Disconnecting....'  + "<br>");
   4.  client.disconnect(function() {
   5.     $('#output').append('Disconnected!' + "<br>");
   6.   });
   7.   $('#output').append('Reconnecting...' + "<br>");
   8.   Connect();
   9. }
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