[rabbitmq-discuss] blocked producers

Kobi Biton kbiton at outbrain.com
Thu Jul 18 22:11:35 BST 2013


 We are running a high scale setup with rabbitmq 3.0.1 , flow:

logstash 1.1.12 producer --> exchange -->   fanout queue 
                                                              |         |
                                                              |         |
                                                         consumer Consumer

Consumers as logstash , consuming to graphite as output , our message rate 
us ~ 12000 messages/s , FanOut Exchange , Durable: False , Persistent: 
False , No Memory problems

We are facing a problem where at random times rabbitmq starts to block 
producers due to flow control (rabbitmqctl list_connections) , this is to 
our understanding 
in order to protect the broker and the consumer as the producers are faster 
then the consumer ?

The problem is that at some point (when the READY messages count is high ~ 
1M)  rabbitmq blocks most of our producers and does not seem to release 
them , until we restart them (logstash daemon) on every one of them , we 
tried purging the queue / restarting rabbitmq , only restarting the 
producers seems to bring things to normal state.

I guess my questions are:

 - Is my problem on the consumer side ? I am unable to debug the consumer 
speed or state 
 - Can I force flow control to release blocked producers?
 - Can I tune rabbitmq for lots of connections and high message rate?
 - We use fanout exchange , when a consumer creates a new queue under this 
exchange and does not consume fast enough can he effect the producers from 
the other queue (i.e cause them to be blocked?)



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