[rabbitmq-discuss] another performance question

Geib, Mark Mark.Geib at echostar.com
Wed Jul 17 16:07:01 BST 2013


I just ran the same, version 3.1.3 java client against my 3.1.1-1 broker.

sh runjava.sh com.rabbitmq.examples.MulticastMain -y 0 -t topic -s 10000
starting producer #0
time: 1.000s, sent: 3481 msg/s
time: 2.001s, sent: 9664 msg/s
time: 3.004s, sent: 12445 msg/s
time: 4.004s, sent: 19246 msg/s
time: 5.005s, sent: 15938 msg/s
time: 6.005s, sent: 15249 msg/s
time: 7.005s, sent: 14886 msg/s
time: 8.005s, sent: 13707 msg/s
time: 9.005s, sent: 16969 msg/s
time: 10.007s, sent: 13815 msg/s
time: 11.012s, sent: 18262 msg/s
time: 12.012s, sent: 14431 msg/s
time: 13.016s, sent: 13943 msg/s
time: 14.016s, sent: 15504 msg/s
time: 15.017s, sent: 16091 msg/s
time: 16.017s, sent: 18883 msg/s
time: 17.020s, sent: 16270 msg/s
time: 18.023s, sent: 13315 msg/s
time: 19.023s, sent: 15965 msg/s
time: 20.023s, sent: 12768 msg/s

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On Jul 17, 2013, at 12:35 AM, Matthias Radestock wrote:

> sh runjava.sh com.rabbitmq.examples.MulticastMain -y 0 -t topic -s 10000

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