[rabbitmq-discuss] Update: [Bug] Memory leak in 3.1.3 (Ubuntu)

Matthias Radestock matthias at rabbitmq.com
Tue Jul 16 14:16:28 BST 2013


On 16/07/13 10:56, Louis Bouchard wrote:
> Thanks for the information. I will keep an eye on this but as of now (I
> just restarted a new test run on both saucy & precise), the queue
> appears to be empty :
> rabbitmqctl list_queues
> Listing queues ...
> task_queue	0
> ...done.
> [...]
> I'll keep the test running & keep an eye on this value

It is possible that what you are seeing is just an inherent symptom of 
how Erlangs memory allocation and garbage collection works. Unless 
rabbit actually ends up exceeding the configured memory high watermark 
(40% of system memory, by default) for sustained periods of time I 
wouldn't worry.

If you are planning on running this test for a while, I suggest you take 
a reading of the memory values reported by 'rabbitmqctl status' near the 
beginning and end of the run, since that will help pinpoint where the 
memory is going.



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