[rabbitmq-discuss] Header exchange wildcards and/or routing keys

Emile Joubert emile at rabbitmq.com
Mon Jul 15 08:57:38 BST 2013

Hi Steve,

On 11/07/13 18:23, Steve Valaitis wrote:
> Is there any way to use wildcards right now with header exchange
> values? 

Headers exchanges do not recognise any special wildcard characters such
as '*' or '#'. As observed by Daniel, you might consider "x-match" =
"any" to be a kind of wildcard. See

> If there isn't, does anyone know of plans to implement them,

No, this falls outside the AMQP specification, but you can create an
exchange with the desired rules as a plugin.

> or to allow routing keys to be used in conjunction with header
> exchanges?

You can achieve a similar effect with exchange-to-exchange bindings. For
disjunction and conjunction, bind a direct and headers exchange in
parallel and series, respectively.


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