[rabbitmq-discuss] Socket Error 104 when connecting to rabbit cluster

Rubo Liang liangrubo at bytedance.com
Sun Jul 14 11:17:20 BST 2013


I didn't take any action on this during this period of time and the problem
remains( Server B and server C are clustered and I can connect to neither B
nor C).

I don't think it is a socket issue because I can connect successfully with

Logs in the log file seems abnormal:
1. no client is connected to the cluster, but rabbit emits "=INFO
REPORT====" and "=WARNING REPORT===" pairs to the log file every 5
seconds(see below).
2. is a virtual ip which rabbit binds to, the log shows
connections are from, why is this?

log example:

=INFO REPORT==== 14-Jul-2013::18:06:01 ===
accepting AMQP connection <0.19551.11> ( ->

=WARNING REPORT==== 14-Jul-2013::18:06:01 ===
closing AMQP connection <0.19551.11> ( ->

=INFO REPORT==== 14-Jul-2013::18:06:06 ===
accepting AMQP connection <0.19556.11> ( ->

=WARNING REPORT==== 14-Jul-2013::18:06:06 ===
closing AMQP connection <0.19556.11> ( ->


On Fri, Jul 12, 2013 at 7:08 PM, Michael Klishin <mklishin at gopivotal.com>wrote:

> Rubo Liang:
> > I guess this won't cause the problem I got, right?
> >
> > I left the problem as it was for further investigation, is there any
> suggestion on debugging this problem?
> correct, this likely is caused by your socket issue, not the other way
> around.
> --
> MK
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