[rabbitmq-discuss] URGENT : UNC path issue

Emile Joubert emile at rabbitmq.com
Wed Jul 10 10:54:11 BST 2013


On 08/07/13 15:22, BK wrote:
> If the UNC Path to the environment variables RABBITMQ_BASE = \\ABC\DEF and
> RABBITMQ_CONFIG_FILE = \\ABC\DEF\RabbitMQ does not work. A local path works
> fine. The destination has all the rights for the user under which the
> service starts.

Unfortunately this is a restriction imposed by the underlying Erlang VM
for Windows, which collapses the "//" to "/" for some file path
operations. The latest version (R16B01 at the time of writing) still
suffers from this problem. The problem has been reported on the Erlang
mailing list before, so this will presumably be fixed in the future.
Until then the workaround is to permanently map a fixed drive letter.


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